All photography provided by Vincent Caradonna

Since 2017, we are taking CBD edibles to an upscale fine edible. We have been making the finest edibles you can find on the market. From the Farm to where they harvest our Hemp to the CBD cacao butter we make. Our products are the best evolution of Edibles.


Our Mission

Farm to table Hemp! Ever heard, now yes! Our mission is to provide you the purest, cleanest and most delicious CBD products you ever had. From our Hemp farmer to our Chocolate farmer in South America to us to you, for you.

What We've Achieved

  • Number One CBD Edible maker in South Carolina.

  • First Edible business to provide High quality products.

  • Top 10 CBD Edibles in America

  • Premier chocolate maker using CBD in South Carolina.

  • Premier CBD cacao butter maker.

  • Premier CBD cooking ingredients.